Black Swan

This limited edition poster is part of a set commemorating the realise of Black Swan, I am yet to see the film but if these posters are anything to go by it ought to be fantastic. The visuals are reminiscent of ballet advertisements of the early 20th century, beautiful use of colour – the best film posters I have seen in a long while.

Design by design studio La Boca,see the whole set here.


Meat & Bread

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker this simplistic brand identity for this Vancouver based sandwich shop demonstrates an interesting use of sharp, angular images and bold eye-catching type. See more images here.

Also, Meat & Bread, what a fantastic name for a sandwich shop.

Up (1965)

Quirky little idea, nicely executed.

Film titles

This is a fantastic website, a wonderful collection of film stills from 1900 to present day. It is interesting to see the visual shift throughout the years and the continued evolution of type and image. Definitely worth a look.


I can’t believe I’ve never seen any Lego letterpress before, it works so well! Beautiful visuals, I’d love to try something like this out. Looks like a lot of fun.

See more images here.


Postage stamps

I have been lucky enough to have a tutorial with Jim Sutherland, of Hat-Trick. The stamps they have designed for the Royal Mail have been among my favourites, beautiful visuals and some very clever ideas. So it has been brilliant to talk through my own stamp project with him, got some really useful feedback.


Again, pulled over from my Tumblr. I think Starbuck’s illustrated history speaks volumes; getting rid of the “coffee” as well as their name signifies the continued evolution of the Starbucks brand. They are joining a select few elite ‘mega-brands’ who do not need their name accompanying their logo; McDonald’s, Nike and Apple to name a few.

This identity is an interesting evolution of the brand, it seems Starbucks is no longer just a coffee shop.