Don’t Forget Your Friends

Unmissable, playful design from Profero;

“To Celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Post-it note, we created a Facebook Game to remind people what’s most important to us. Our friends. In an age were we are defined by the amount of Facebook friends and twitter followers we have we wanted to challenge people to prove how many of these friends they actually knew. Giant oversized Outdoor Post-it products drove people to the site.”



Clever advertising from Canon. Nice!

LA Folding Bikes

As I work on my own print campaign for my second minor I am green with envy looking at this. Simple concept, beautifully executed – a fantastic idea.

More info here.

Pass The Sick Bag

An essential royal wedding accessory.


Biergate Kennels

Simple idea, well executed for these boarding kennels in Lincolnshire. Nice!

Design by Paul Gledhill, check out more of his work here.

Black Swan

This limited edition poster is part of a set commemorating the realise of Black Swan, I am yet to see the film but if these posters are anything to go by it ought to be fantastic. The visuals are reminiscent of ballet advertisements of the early 20th century, beautiful use of colour – the best film posters I have seen in a long while.

Design by design studio La Boca,see the whole set here.

Meat & Bread

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker this simplistic brand identity for this Vancouver based sandwich shop demonstrates an interesting use of sharp, angular images and bold eye-catching type. See more images here.

Also, Meat & Bread, what a fantastic name for a sandwich shop.