Wayfinding at Great Ormond St. Hospital

Research for my second minor led me to this. A beautiful project from Landor Associates for Great Ormond Street Hospital, they have created two wayfinding systems, one colour-coded and the other based around distinctive animal characters.

The visuals set out to distract and entertain the patients as Carl Halksworth, design dirctor at Landor explains; “we started to talk to the team at GOSH about the way distraction / distraction therapy – is a key part of the therapeutic environment. The thinking is, if you’re going to give someone a big injection in their bottom, give them something to look at, get them to count the number of bees on the wall – it will make the situation better. So we wanted to look at how we could bring that distraction into our scheme and to make it more of an inviting and welcoming environment.” Check out the Creative Review article to read the rest on this.

These wayfinding systems are quirky and original and work so well in their given context.