Geographic Cushions

These geographic pillows and cushions from my bearded pigeon are incredible, beautiful and varied visuals – definitely worth having a look at. Alas $55 is one giant leap out of my budget.


Type and Brand

Rob Clarke’s incredibly impressive typographic portfolio contains numerous examples of beautiful, commercial type. Inspiring stuff, definitely worth checking out. See more here.

Don’t Forget Your Friends

Unmissable, playful design from Profero;

“To Celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Post-it note, we created a Facebook Game to remind people what’s most important to us. Our friends. In an age were we are defined by the amount of Facebook friends and twitter followers we have we wanted to challenge people to prove how many of these friends they actually knew. Giant oversized Outdoor Post-it products drove people to the site.”

Honey & Mackie’s Ice Cream

Designed by Wink, this identity and packaging design encompasses a child friendly image but appeals aesthetically to a much wider audience. Fun, striking visuals.

Butter letters

Check out these butter letters, I love such playful approaches to type. See more here.


Clever advertising from Canon. Nice!

LA Folding Bikes

As I work on my own print campaign for my second minor I am green with envy looking at this. Simple concept, beautifully executed – a fantastic idea.

More info here.