Don’t Forget Your Friends

Unmissable, playful design from Profero;

“To Celebrate the 30th Birthday of the Post-it note, we created a Facebook Game to remind people what’s most important to us. Our friends. In an age were we are defined by the amount of Facebook friends and twitter followers we have we wanted to challenge people to prove how many of these friends they actually knew. Giant oversized Outdoor Post-it products drove people to the site.”



Clever advertising from Canon. Nice!

LA Folding Bikes

As I work on my own print campaign for my second minor I am green with envy looking at this. Simple concept, beautifully executed – a fantastic idea.

More info here.


To begin I’m just reblogging a couple of pieces from my Tumblr so I can have a play with layouts and whatnot. I thought there was hardly a better way to start than with this fantastic poster design from The Partners. This is such a perfectly simple idea, executed incredibly well.

“The Richard House Children’s Hospice needed a promotional poster for their five-a-side football fundraising event. The solution lay in the markings of a five-a-side football pitch. Seen from one specific view-point, the white markings create a distinct number five.”

See a high-res version on the D&AD site, here.