Type and Brand

Rob Clarke’s incredibly impressive typographic portfolio contains numerous examples of beautiful, commercial type. Inspiring stuff, definitely worth checking out. See more here.


Butter letters

Check out these butter letters, I love such playful approaches to type. See more here.

Biergate Kennels

Simple idea, well executed for these boarding kennels in Lincolnshire. Nice!

Design by Paul Gledhill, check out more of his work here.

Film titles

This is a fantastic website, a wonderful collection of film stills from 1900 to present day. It is interesting to see the visual shift throughout the years and the continued evolution of type and image. Definitely worth a look.

Illuminating Victoria

Hat-Trick has designed a series of large scale illuminated letters near Victoria;

“We decided to design a typeface of illuminated letters, with each letter telling a different story for passers by to discover,” says Hat-Trick’s Tim Donaldson of the project for Land Securities.“We wanted to end up with a visually rich and eclectic set of letters to sum up the area,” he continues, “the mix of past, present and future, heritage (royalty, architecture, famous residents), culture, art, green space, wildlife and so on. The style of each individual letter was inspired by the particular story it was telling. We decided the execution could be photographic, illustrative or graphic, depending on what best communicated it, and in a visually engaging way. Each letter became a project in itself.”

I really like these visuals, I love that the individual letters tell a different story, each relevant in its own way. I was having similar thoughts for one of my minors so this makes for some great research.